Everything You Need to Know About SnapLock Gutters

  • Do you find it easy to overlook your gutters?
  • Do you figure they’re probably just fine, but you’re not really sure?
  • Do you suspect that something is going wrong with your gutters, but you haven’t wanted to take the trouble to find out?
  • Are your gutters causing costly water damage to your home, but you’re afraid it’s too much of a hassle to fix it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, keep reading for a solution that’s easy, reliable, and effective at protecting your home.

A home is the most expensive thing that most people will ever buy. It’s also an investment that can bring you an attractive financial return as your home’s value appreciates. That’s why it’s important to protect your home from damage.

Regular maintenance on your gutters is good, but did you realize that in many cases, regular maintenance isn’t enough? Keeping a gutter clear of debris and in good repair can only go so far. If the moisture from the gutter is seeping into your fascia boards, even relatively clean gutters can be causing needless damage to your home.

There’s a better way than spinning your wheels on gutter maintenance that doesn’t fully protect your home. Why not install the kind of gutter system that will stop the water damage from occurring at all? This way, you’ll cut down on the maintenance and repairs you need to do over time. One simple decision to install SnapLock gutters can free you from a lifetime of hassle with water damage to your soffits, fascia, and roof underlayment. Protect your home with the SnapLock system today, and enjoy a transferable limited lifetime warranty.




What Makes SnapLock the #1 Gutter System in the Country?

SnapLock gutters were created to solve the common gutter problems that traditional gutters come with: rot, mold, sagging, and separating gutters. For more details on these problems, see the section on gutter problems below. Here are some of the reasons why SnapLock gutters are the favored gutter solution by homeowners and contractors alike.

1. SnapLock gutters seal out water damage

SnapLock gutters create a watertight seal in your gutters. Whenever water is flowing through your gutters due to rain, snowmelt, or other precipitation, it should be free to flow through the channel to the downspout without ever coming into contact with the wood on your home.

When a gutter has nail or screw holes through its back wall, it’s not watertight. It’s not a good idea to screw straight through the gutter wall. So how do you fasten the gutter to the house? Thanks to the innovative fasteners that SnapLock has developed, your gutters will be attached strongly and securely without ever needing to perforate the gutter’s water channel.

2. SnapLock gutters save homeowners money

SnapLock gutters are built to eliminate the ability for water inside the gutter to ever come into contact with the fascia boards on your home. This means that those boards won’t suffer water damage, won’t rot, won’t grow mold, and won’t lose their grip on the screws that keep your gutters fastened.

3. SnapLock gutters provide proper ventilation

Proper ventilation behind your gutters allows moisture to evaporate and lets your fascia wood “breathe,” meaning that you can cut down the chances of moisture and mold growing. The unique mounting system of the Snaplock comes with braces that create a small air space behind your gutters, protecting your home even more.

4. SnapLock gutters resist sagging

You don’t have to be a home inspector to be able to observe a sagging gutter. Sagging gutters detract from the beauty of a home and can lead to a chain reaction of more damage to your home. SnapLock gutters help resist sagging in two main ways.

First, SnapLock gutters anchor to the house in a way that resists the effect of expansion due to heating and cooling. Temperature changes can cause the traditional gutter mounts to work loose over time, but SnapLock gutters are installed with a floating method that lets the gutter move as necessary without working the screws loose.

Second, the SnapLock gutters come with mounting braces that support the middle of the gutter, helping to prevent sags and giving the gutter a square, straight appearance.

Enjoy the benefits of SnapLock Gutters today

When you contact Iron Horse Gutter Works, we can help you to get the gutter system that will be right for your home. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve sealed out water damage on your home, and save yourself a boatload of money in the long run. Ask us about SnapLock gutter installation today! Simply contact us and ask for a quote.

What Gutters Really Do

Gutters are there to redirect the water from your roof and cause it to flow away from your foundation. Soggy ground near a foundation can cause foundation cracks, which is a big, expensive issue. Installing gutters is a preventive measure that is much cheaper than repairing a foundation, and the benefit is a home that stays strong and dry.

Although they are often overlooked, gutters are one of the most important features on the exterior of a home. Iron Horse GutterWorks understands that when it comes to your gutters, you need a system that effectively draws water away from your home and provides you with years of reliable protection.

With a faulty gutter system, many homeowners run into mold problems, wood rot and decay, sagging gutters, and separation that leads to expensive repairs. Because we have been in the business for many years, we have truly seen and done it all, bringing you a one-of-a-kind product that works better than anything else on the market today: the SnapLock® Gutter System.

Avoid These Common Gutter Problems with SnapLock

All gutters have a job to do. Their number one job is to direct the flow of water away from your home’s foundation. However, while almost all gutters do this job at some level, traditional gutters get it done with expensive side effects.

Problems with traditional gutters

You don’t like medications that come with side effects, and most people don’t appreciate the side effects that come with traditional gutters, either. Here are the most common ones:

1. Rot

The installation method for traditional gutters is to penetrate the back wall of the gutter trough with a nail, screw, or spike in order to attach it to the fascia boards. This creates a perforation. Water invariably seeps through that perforation, causing damage to the wood behind it. Multiple attachment points all along the length of the gutter create a sieve-like effect — exactly the opposite of what you want.

A small rotten area on the wood of your home’s fascia can quickly spread into a large rotten area. This can result in expensive repair, requiring you to replace all the rotten wood, repaint, and then re-hang your rain gutters. If you have gutters that are attached in the traditional method, your fascia boards are probably rotting right now.

2. Mold

Where the back wall of the gutter is perforated, water that enters that area can cause more than just rotten wood. It can also promote mold growth. The gutter is nailed or screwed tightly to the fascia board, creating a warm, dark, moist area with very little ventilation. This makes the perfect conditions for mold growth.

The mold growth probably won’t be confined to a restricted area. When we pull off soffit and fascia boards that have been damaged by long-term exposure to water, we often find that the whole length of the board is black with mold. In the really bad cases, the mold has spread to your rafters and the underside of the plywood on your roof, creating an unhealthy environment in your attic that can then spread to the rest of your house.

Mold growing in your home can be an even bigger problem than rotten wood, as it poses a health risk to everyone who lives there. Undetected mold can lead to respiratory issues, eye irritation, skin irritation, and susceptibility to illness.

3. Sagging Gutters

Once your fascia boards have started to rot, the nails or screws that were used to attach your gutters will have very little holding power. Gutters that are attached to rotting boards are much more prone to losing their grip and sagging. This creates an ugly, run-down appearance on your home, which is the opposite of the image you want to convey to the neighborhood and any potential home buyers.

Furthermore, sagging gutters cause water to back up into the sagging part rather than proceeding towards the downspout. Overflow from the sagging area will spill straight down to the ground, creating a waterfall that could damage your landscaping underneath, fill up a basement window well, or worse, create soggy ground around your home’s foundation that results in a cracked foundation. What was only a gutter problem can become a huge structural repair problem.

4. Gutter Separation

Gutters are supposed to be tightly affixed to your home with no gap showing. However, the nature of traditional gutters is that they are prone to working loose and pulling away from your home, leaving you at risk of your gutters coming down entirely. When the fasteners have backed out of the wood, the next snowstorm or windstorm could cause a lot more damage than you were prepared for.

SnapLock Gutters Address All These Problems

Take a look at the way that SnapLock’s innovative fastener system solves all of these common gutter problems, and contact Iron Horse today to request SnapLock installation on your home. Don’t wait until you’re already experiencing these problems. Avoid the problem before it happens and save yourself a lot of money and headaches. Contact us today for a free quote.

Protect your home the right way.

By creating a watertight seal against the exterior ridge of your roof, our SnapLock Gutter System works to protect your home from water damage and more. Instead of having to drill holes in the back of the gutter to attach it to your home, we use this non-conventional gutter system that works with virtually any roof.

No mold. No Rot. No holes. No Water Damage.

Whether you have an angled fascia or a straight fascia, we can adhere the SnapLock Gutter System to your home, giving you years of protection through a safe and easy solution to water damage problems.

Protect your home, save yourself from costly damage, and get the number one gutter system in the country. For more information about what our SnapLock Gutter System can do for you, and to learn about its lifetime warranty, contact us today for an expert opinion on gutter installation in Syracuse.