Does your home need gutter repairs, but you’ve hesitated to get them because it just seems like an extra expense with not much return or benefit for your effort? Here in Syracuse, there are many homes that would benefit from gutter repairs or installation of a better gutter system, but homeowners aren’t sure they want to take that step.

We don’t blame you. It’s hard to see the return on investment for gutter repair. After all, it’s a very gradual thing that doesn’t present itself as an emergency. If your furnace goes out in the middle of winter, you feel cold, and you get a new furnace. If your toilet overflows or your sink backs up, you can’t use your facilities, and you get a plumber. But if your gutter needs to be repaired, you don’t feel much acute suffering. It’s easy to put it off. It’s not obvious what you’ll get or how your life will be better if you take action on those repairs. However, there are benefits to keeping your gutters in tip-top shape, and that’s what our gutter company in Syracuse would like to point out in this blog post.

1. Improvement in your home’s value.

In the classic business sense, a return on investment is money that you get back after spending a small amount of money in a strategic investment. Can you actually get money back after you’ve spent money on your home’s gutters? Yes, you can! However, to be fair, this is typically only applicable if you’re looking at selling your home in the near future. You spend a little bit on gutter repairs, your house looks better, you list it at a higher price, and it sells, giving you back more than what you spent on the gutters. This doesn’t happen every time, so it’s not a guaranteed return on investment, but improving a home’s curb appeal is a well-known way to sell it faster and for a higher price.

The rest of the points we’ll share are not about the classic business definition of return on investment, but simply the benefits you’ll enjoy or the damage you’ll avoid when you get timely gutter repairs. In other words, we want to save you from spending money unnecessarily.

2. Quick detection and correction of water damage.

When your gutters need repairs, but you don’t repair them, you are likely going to experience a buildup of water damage, wood rot, mold, and deterioration of the fascia and soffit boards the gutters are attached to. It will cost a lot more money to repair the rotten wood than it does to simply repair your gutters on time.

3. Avoidance of problems in your home’s foundation.

While a gutter repair job isn’t necessarily an emergency, a flooded basement or compromised foundation certainly is. Gutters aren’t made simply for curb appeal; their purpose is to divert water away from the ground around your home’s foundation. If this isn’t happening correctly, you put yourself at risk of foundation cracks, water leaks, and other damage at the base of your home. If it was going to be expensive to replace your soffits or fascia, it’s going to be even more costly to address a problematic foundation.

Don’t let gutter problems go undetected. The best way to take proper precautions is to schedule our regular gutter service. For any gutter repairs in Syracuse that need immediate attention, call Iron Horse Gutter Works today.