If your home is more than 10 years old, it’s likely going to be time for you to consider some steps you can take to improve the curb appeal of your home. Over time, the exterior of our homes begin to deteriorate, thanks to weather conditions and natural wear of materials. If you’re looking for ideas on how you can give your home’s curb appeal a boost, a great place to start is with gutter repairs or replacement.

Old gutters that are cracking, leaking, and sagging from your home can be unsightly, and they could be contributing to problems, such as paint peeling, rust, and foundation problems, that can detract from the beauty of your home. To get the gutter repairs you need for your Syracuse home, call us here at Iron Horse GutterWorks. To learn more steps you can take to improve your home’s curb appeal, keep reading!

Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

#1. Paint your front door.

Painting your front door an eye-catching color can be just the change your home needs to really stand out in the neighborhood. A can of paint to transform your front door would be cost-effective, and you could easily complete the project on a Saturday or Sunday.

#2. Replace the hardware on the front of your house.

If your home has an old brass porchlight, generic house numbers, and an ordinary doorknob, consider updating these pieces of hardware to new, unique designs that you enjoy. If you do decide to change out the hardware on the exterior of your home, be sure to pick pieces that work cohesively, rather than mixing and matching pieces.

#3. Install lighting along your walkway.

Whether you decide to place lights along a long sidewalk that leads to your front door or you find a place for outdoor lighting in the landscape close to your home’s entrance, lighting can make your home feel more warm and welcoming.

#4. Add flowers and plants to your porch.

If you don’t have enough of a green-thumb to plant a garden in front of your home, potted plants can easily do the trick to create a colorful space on your front porch. Find plants and flowers that you can set on the ground, find a small table to put on your porch to set plans on, and install a hook on the roof of your porch to hang flowers from. The outside of your home will go from boring to beautiful in no time.

#5. Add shutters to the front windows of your home.

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you can purchase shutters to add to the windows of your home. Match the shutters to the trim of your home or find a nice color that will compliment the other colors on your home. Shutters will take up space on your home and create a cozy feel to any exterior.

Caring for the outside of your home is important, and it will ensure that your home remains beautiful for a lifetime instead of degrading over time. The maintenance of your gutters is one way to ensure your home’s exterior will be well protected. If you’re in need of gutter repairs or replacement for your Syracuse home, call us here at Iron Horse GutterWorks today.