When it comes to the exterior of your home, your gutters are essential in keeping water away from your home and ensuring that your home’s foundation and basement are kept water-free. Because your gutters are such an important part of your home’s structural integrity, it’s imperative that you pay attention to your gutters so that you can tell when they are in need of repair. For all your gutter repairs in Syracuse, from experts that you can trust, call Iron Horse Gutterworks.

Signs That Point To The Need For Gutter Repairs

Rust, Holes, And Cracks On Your Gutters

If you notice that your gutters are beginning to rust or if they have cracks or holes in them, it’s possible to use sealant as a short-term gutter repair solution. But usually, these problems point to the need for gutter replacement.

Gutter Fasteners Are Broken

The fasteners on your gutters are the pieces of metal that attach your gutters to your roof and keep your gutters level. It is possible to repair a few fasteners, however, if multiple of your gutter’s fasteners are broken, you may be in need of new gutters.

Nails And Screws Appear On The Ground

Often, gutters are held in place with nails and screws. If you begin to notice nails and screws on the ground surrounding your home, they are likely coming from your gutters. If you only notice a few nails and/or screws on the ground near your home, it may be possible to replace them and keep your current gutters. However, multiple loose nails and screws could indicate that you need new gutters. With new SnapLock technology, you can get gutters installed on your home without the need for nails and screws.

Gutters Are Separated From Home

The gutters on your home will only work properly if they are securely fastened to your home. Any kind of separation from your gutters and your home could indicate the potential for water to reach your home’s foundation or the inside of your home.

Gutters Are Separated From Each Other

If your gutters are not connected in a continuous channel, they will not function the way they were intended to function. Gutters that are not connected will allow for water leaks and dirt and debris to slip through the cracks.

The Paint Near Your Gutters Is Peeling

If your gutters are pulling away from your roof, it may be possible that water is making its way over the edge of your gutters which will wreck-havoc on the paint on your home. If you let this problem persist, you may end up needing new gutters and for your house to be painted.

Water Is Pooling On The Ground

Pools of water on the ground near your home may indicate a problem with your gutters. Pay attention to the areas where you notice that water is pooling so that you can see if the water is increasing during or after rain then, inspect the gutters near the pools of water to see if you notice a problem with your gutters.

Your Landscaping Is Eroding

If you notice that your landscaping isn’t thriving the way you intended, over-watering due to leaks from your gutters could be to blame.

You Find Water In Your Basement

Again, gutters are meant to keep water away from the foundation of your home so that water does not cause problems with the settlement of your home or make its way into your home’s basement. If you find water in your basement, it may be caused by water-leaks from broken gutters.

If you have any of these signs and you’re in need of gutter repairs in Syracuse or the surrounding area, call the professionals you can trust at Iron Horse GutterWorks for all of your gutter repair needs.