Here at Iron Horse GutterWorks, we want to help you avoid costly damage to your home due to gutter repairs that should have been addressed. To help you spot common issues your home’s gutters may experience, we’ve made a list of some of the top issues you may run into when it comes to your gutters. In our previous blog, we began our list of common problems, which we will finish today. If your home’s gutters are in need of repair, don’t wait to call us, here at Iron Horse GutterWorks, to schedule gutter repairs for your Syracuse home.

Common Problems To Check Your Gutters For Continued

Faulty Downspouts

If your gutter’s downspouts are not attached properly, if they’re not placed in the best location, or if there are not enough of them, you could see numerous problems due to water not draining properly. The consequences of faulty downspouts could be rust, siding damage, foundation damage, and damage to your gutters from excess weight being held since the water has not been able to adequately drain.

Overgrowth in Your Gutters

If you have trees or shrubs—such as wisteria plants—that grow near your home, you’ll want to ensure that your gutters do not become a place for your trees and shrubs to continue growing. Plant growth in your gutters can create a scenario where both your gutters and downspouts can become so overgrown with vines that they fill both get to the point where they can no longer function. If you allow overgrowth to take over your gutters, you could end up with gutter and downspout damage, roof damage, window and door damage, as well as insect and termite infestation. Be sure that you are paying close attention to and pruning trees and shrubs that grow near your home.

Loose Gutters

Loose gutters can pose a unique problem because they not only inadequately catch the water that is trying to drain from your roof, but they could also be a potential safety hazard. If there is a particularly large volume of water that is trying to drain from your roof, and your gutters are loose and not properly secured to your home, the gutters have the potential to rip off of the roof due to the heavy water. This can cause damage to your home’s siding, windows, doors, and, of course, to the gutters themselves.

Non-Existent Gutters

If your home is missing parts from its gutter system, you’ll have an inefficient gutter system as a whole. When water is allowed to run off of your roof uncontrolled, the water will have no choice but to run down your siding, windows, and doors, potentially causing leaks, excess moisture, mold, and possible foundational damage.

Problems with your gutters should not go unaddressed. The cost to repair your gutters will certainly be less than the cost of repairing your gutters as well as damage caused to your home. Here at Iron Horse GutterWorks, we offer service plans that ensure you will have expert care for your gutters every year, and at least three times throughout the year. When you choose one of our service plans, any problems your gutters may face has the potential to be caught in time before any serious damage is done. Don’t wait until your gutters are in need of repairs to pay attention to them. Sign up for one of our service plans today.

If your gutters have gotten to the point where they need repairs, call Iron Horse GutterWorks today for the gutter repairs your Syracuse home needs. We are the gutter experts who can ensure your gutter system will be working like new in no time!