Your home’s gutters help to prevent a number of problems from occurring in and around your home. If you’re not paying attention to common issues that may arise with your gutters, then you could end up with the need for costly repairs and possible damage to your home or yard. Here at Iron Horse GutterWorks, we’ve come up with a list of some of the top issues you’ll need to pay attention to when it comes to your gutters. When you’re in need of gutter repairs for your Syracuse home, call Iron Horse GutterWorks for a company you can count on.

Common Problems To Check Your Gutters For


You can tell if your gutters are clogged because they will have standing water in them at all times. If you can’t see into your gutters, you can still tell if they’re clogged as they will likely overflow when there is heavy rain or when snow is melting. Clogged gutters can lead to erosion, rust, roof damage, siding damage, and damage to the gutters and their support system.

Drains Or Splash Blocks Are Not Present

Drains and splash blocks direct the water that comes out of your drainpipe away from your home and its foundation. If your home is newer, you will likely have underground drainpipes that are connected to your gutter’s downspouts. If your home is older, splash blocks at the bottom of the downspouts are common to direct water away from your home. If drains or splash blocks are not present, you’ll want to remedy the problem immediately. If water drains near your home’s foundation, you could end up dealing with foundation problems, mold, mildew, and water in your basement.

Lack Of Flashing

Flashing is an extra layer of protection between the back side of the gutters that are attached to your home, and the support structure of your roof. Because the support structure of most homes is wood, if your roof does not have flashing between the gutters and the support structure, this could lead to dry rot, roof rot, insect infestation, and termites due to the passing of water and debris in your gutters.

Improper Gutter Pitch

The pitch of your gutters is how much or how little your gutters slope to allow water and debris to pass through them. If you want your gutters to drain properly, they need to have the right amount of pitch. You can tell if your gutter’s pitch is off because there will either be standing water in your gutters, water will be overflowing, or your gutters will look like they’re sagging a bit and they won’t have the right amount of holding capacity. Improper gutter pitch can lead to mosquitoes, roof and siding damage, foundation damage, as well as damage to the gutter’s support system.

Taking proper care of your gutters can save you money and the headache of having to deal with leaking water in or around your home. Checking your gutters for problems can be as easy as taking a look out of one of your top story windows, getting up on a ladder to take a look, or simply walking around your home to look for signs of leaking water and to check the wood near your gutters for rot or excessive splintering, which can be a sign of water damage.

If you notice that your home’s gutters have any of these common problems, call us here at Iron Horse GutterWorks to schedule gutter repairs for your Syracuse home. We’ll inspect your gutters and fix any problems before they cause costly damage. And to learn more about common problems you may see with your gutters, stay tuned for our next blog.