If you are considering gutter installation in Syracuse or Onondaga County, you may be wondering what difference it makes to go with the best gutter installation companies. The fact is, it does make a difference. Here are a few tips from Iron Horse Gutter Works on why you should only go with a gutter installer that you trust to install your gutters properly without taking shortcuts or using inferior materials.

1. Properly-installed gutters reduce the moisture that can get into your foundation.

If you don’t have gutters, you will have a drip line from where the water falls off your roof. The water that falls here will more than likely seep in right here rather than flowing further off from your home’s footprint. Too much moisture in the soil around your home’s foundation can bring you costly problems. Not only can it put you at greater risk of cracks in your foundation, it can also result in more moisture than necessary seeping into your home’s air. Your HVAC system will work to take care of this moisture, but it can also rise to your attic with the warm air, where it can create condensation and foster mold growth and rot.

2. Properly-installed and maintained gutters reduce the rot on your soffits, fascia, and rafters.

The old way of installing gutters involved drilling a hole in the back of the gutter to attach it to the wooden boards that hold up the gutter. When you drill a hole in something that is designed to carry water, it’s not hard to understand that that hole will expose the wood to long-term moisture. Gutter installations that still use this method are likely to rot quicker, and the longer they stay in place, the more likely it is that the decay will spread from your fascia to the soffits and the rafters. The more wood that decays, the more expensive it will be to replace it and restore your roof.

3. Properly-installed gutters can protect the life of your shingles

The best gutter installation companies will only install gutters that they trust to last a long time, require less maintenance, and resist getting clogged with debris. It is the gutters that are full of debris that put you at risk of water overflowing them and backing up onto your shingles. In the winter, this can put you at greater risk of ice dams, and at any time of year, it puts you at risk of water damage. No matter what kind of gutters you have, one of the best ways to keep your gutters clean is to sign up for a regular maintenance service that will give you fresh, clean gutters three to five times a year with no hassle to you. Check out our service plans to find out how you can get this for yourself.

For gutter installation and ongoing service in Syracuse, contact Iron Horse Gutter Works. We can talk to you about the different options you have for the type of gutters you install, and we can also consult with you on drainage systems. Contact us today!