Gutter installation isn’t one of the things that you probably daydream about in your free time. We get it. There are more romantic things in the world, and way more pressing matters that require your attention. However, just because your gutters will sit there silent and uncomplaining doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check in on them from time to time. Happy gutters will keep your home happy, and when gutter problems can affect things as important as your home’s roof and foundation, avoiding costly damage to these areas will also keep YOU happy.

In our last blog we looked at two signs that you need new gutters, and today we’ll cover a few more.

3. Your gutters have holes in them

It should go without saying that this means you need a replacement, but gutters can get so old that they literally have visible holes in them. Once gutters are this bad, it’s almost as if you don’t have gutters at all. Get gutters that not only do their jobs, but also go above and beyond by beautifying your home and keeping leaves and debris out, like our LeafLock gutters.

4. Your gutters are nailed directly to the fascia boards beneath them

The old style of installing gutters was to just pierce directly through the gutter drain itself with nails that anchored the gutter to the soffits or fascia. This is a bad method as it allows water to seep through the nail holes and begin to rot the wood. The longer this goes on, the closer you get to needing to replace not just your gutters, but the boards, too (which costs a lot more). Modern gutter installation methods don’t pierce through the gutter’s side walls. Check out our seamless gutters for an example of gutters that won’t rot your soffits and fascia.

5. You notice ice dams on your roof in the winter

Ice dams occur when you get a buildup of water in your gutter that creeps backward up the slope of your roof because the gutters can’t drain properly. Ice dams are typically caused by clogged gutters, and making sure that they are unclogged before winter is a good way to prevent this from happening to your roof. However, why not solve the problem once and for all with a type of gutter solution that doesn’t clog? No longer will you have to climb up yourself or hire someone else to do it. The best gutters in Syracuse save you from two problems at once!

6. You don’t have gutters on your home at all

If no one has ever installed gutters on your home, it’s time to do it! Rainwater falling straight down from your roof into the ground can cause the ground near your foundation to be too wet, leading to problems like cracks and leaks in the foundation of your home. Foundation repair is much more expensive than gutter installation, so why not bring your home into the 21st century with some great-looking, high-performance gutters?

When you need gutter installation in Syracuse, there’s just one place to call, and that’s Iron Horse Gutter Works. We are here to serve you with anything related to your gutters, from inspection and repair to installation and care of your gutter drains. Contact us today to get started.