In the last blog from our gutter installation company in Syracuse, we talked about how to choose between all the companies who offer gutter installation to find the best option for you. However, when it comes to the gutters themselves, you also have choices, and making the wrong choice could leave you with gutters that don’t drain properly, get too clogged, and simply don’t last. But with all the gutter options available on the market, how do you choose the right ones? Here are some of the things that you should look for to find a gutter solution that will last, work effectively, and add to (rather than take away from) the beauty of your home.

1. Choose gutters that don’t require you to make holes in the back wall of the gutter

Almost all the common types of gutters available on the market have one fatal flaw: in order to install them, you have to puncture the back wall of the gutter at 18- or 24-inch intervals with a spike, nail, or screw in order to affix the gutter to the fascia boards. This is a fatal flaw because each hole represents a place where moisture can seep into your fascia boards, creating rotten wood. This is good for the gutter installation companies, as they make more work for themselves that way, but it’s not good for you as the homeowner. Fortunately, there is a gutter option that mounts securely without the problem of penetrating the gutter wall with holes. Snap Lock technology has created a completely different mount that makes use of the best of modern engineering, protecting your home’s fascia.

2. Choose gutters that don’t require you to constantly clean out clogs

Clogged gutters reduce the water flow and stop your gutters from being able to do their jobs. Gutters are supposed to create a channel that diverts the water from your roof into the correct place. If leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris is constantly getting into your gutters, you’re going to have to constantly be climbing the ladder and dragging it back out (or hiring someone else to do it). This is simply not worth it when you have another option. The leaf lock gutters that Iron Horse Gutter Works installs are great at letting water flow in while keeping leaves and debris out.

3. Choose gutters that come with the best drainage solutions

Once water exits the downspouts of your gutters, where does it go? If your gutter installation job will only include basic downspout extenders, you’re not getting the best drainage solution for your property. A better way to drain your gutters is to create an underground drainage pipe that moves water further from your foundation with less damage to your landscaping. Protecting your home’s foundation from water damage, seepage, leaks, and cracks is a high enough priority that it makes sense to choose the gutters that come with the best drains.

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