You might not think too much or too often about your home’s gutters, but you should not neglect them completely. After all, they perform a valuable role in draining the runoff from your home’s roof, directing its flow into the appropriate place, and minimizing the potential damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping. It doesn’t take long, but once or twice a year, you should walk around your home and perform a quick visual check of your gutters.

For a more comprehensive check, you can climb a ladder (or hire one of our friendly gutter professionals here in Syracuse to do it) and give your gutters a closer inspection. If there are any problems glaring enough to be visible from the ground, you should definitely consult a gutter expert to make sure that you are not putting your home in danger by neglecting to address the damage that is occurring.

Here are a few signs that you need new gutters. If you see any of these issues with your gutters, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

1. Your gutters are rusty.

When water comes in contact with metal, rust is inevitable sooner or later, and your gutters are no exception. Rusty gutters are prone to leaking (or may already be leaking), and when a gutter leaks, whatever is in proximity to that leak is at risk of water damage. If rust is visible on the outside of your gutters, you can be sure that the inside of your gutters are probably shot. It’s a good idea to get new gutters installed.

2. Your gutters are bent.

Gutters can get bent out of shape for many reasons, including a tree branch falling on them, incorrect techniques of putting up a ladder or climbing onto a roof, animals climbing on your roof, and much more. A gutter that is badly bent creates a bowed place where water runoff can escape the gutter in the bent area, and the weight of a heavy rain can cause the bent section to get worse and worse.

We know of one case where the bent gutter just happened to be located precisely above the basement window well on a beautiful luxury home. A heavy rain caused the window well to fill up with water as the water poured straight down from the bent part of the gutter. Then the window failed, causing gallons and gallons of water to pour into the basement room and necessitating an expensive cleanup.

Whether or not your bent gutter wreaks this much havoc on your home, it is an issue you should address. In some cases, you can bend a gutter temporarily back into shape, but the fact that it got bent in the first place can mean that its strength is compromised and the problem will be repeated soon, either in the same place or a different one. New gutters are made with better technology and materials that resist bending and breaking much better.

Stay tuned for our next blog, when we’ll cover more signs that you need new gutters. In the meantime, for a routine gutter checkup or gutter installation in Syracuse, please contact Iron Horse Gutter Works. We’ll be happy to serve you.