Some people may think that they can ignore the gutters on their home. However, the truth is, if you aren’t regularly cleaning and maintaining your gutters, the repercussions could cause serious damage to your home and property. If you’re not sure what damage could be caused by not regularly cleaning your gutters and gutter drains, the experts here at Iron Horse GutterWorks in Syracuse will ensure that you have the information you need in order to have clean and properly working gutters.

Damage Caused From Neglecting Your Gutters

Leaks In Your Gutters

Over the course of their lifespan, your gutters are likely going to experience a few leaks. However, you could see an increase in the amount of leaks your gutters suffer from if you’re not regularly having your gutters cleaned. Also, if your gutters are not regularly being maintained, you may not be alerted to the fact that your gutters have a leak. Gutter leaks that go unfixed can cause damage to the exterior of your home by allowing water to leak onto your home; your home’s paint and foundation may be damaged due to gutter leaks.

Rotting Wood On Your Home

Going back to our first point, gutter leaks can cause wood on your home to rot. If water saturates wood on your home for long enough, the wood will rot, leading to extensive structural damage to your home.

Leaks In Your Basement

When your gutters are not clean and functioning properly, they may be letting water spill out over their edges, which can lead to water getting into your home. Because most gutter drains are positioned to let the water drain from your gutters near the bottom exterior of your home, if your gutter drains are not working properly, your home could endure the side effects of water draining in the wrong place and getting into the interior of your home. A basement with a water leak could cause much larger problems such as, gas leaks, electrical shock, and allowing pollutants into your home.

Cracks In Your Foundation

If your gutters are not clean and functioning well, it is likely that water is not being properly diverted from your home’s foundation. The foundation of your home can crack when your home absorbs water that is leaking. Cracks in your foundation are not easy to see. You could have a serious problem on your hands that you aren’t even aware of if you neglect your gutters.

Infestation Of Insects In Your Gutters

Insects love moisture. If your gutters are filled with leaves, debris, and water, they will be a highly sought-after home for bugs that I’m sure you’d rather keep away from your home, such as ants, roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, and termites that could cause a major infestation in your gutter.

Damage To Your Driveway or Sidewalk

If water from your gutters is spilling over or leaking onto your sidewalk, this could cause excess water, and ice in colder months, to gather on your driveway or sidewalk. Excess water on your driveway or sidewalk could cause cracks in the foundation and sagging.

Damage To Your Landscapes

If your gutters are spilling over or leaking due to damage that you’re unaware of, you may have excess water leaking into your landscape. While water is needed for plants to thrive, excess water can make plants dull and eventually kill them. Drowning landscapes are not healthy landscapes.

While you may have thought that maintaining your home’s gutters and gutter drains was not important, that is simply not the case. When you need professionals to help you with your gutter cleaning and gutter drains in Syracuse, call Iron Horse GutterWorks for all of your gutter needs.