Your home is exposed to a variety of different types of weather. This can cause problems for your home if it is not properly protected with functioning gutters, downspouts, and gutter drains. If your gutter system is not working properly, you could encounter clogged gutters, gutter leaks, and water pooling around the foundation of your home. If one part of your gutter system isn’t functioning correctly, it could greatly impact the effectiveness of your gutter system as a whole. Frequently checking your home’s gutter system can be beneficial in order to determine if your gutter system is working properly. Today, we’d like to cover gutter drains and how you can identify a problem with your home’s gutter drains. Here at Iron Horse GutterWorks, we are the professionals that you’ll want to call should you find a problem with your gutter drains in Syracuse or the surrounding areas.

These Signs Could Indicate A Problem With Your Gutter Drains

#1. Water is pooling around the foundation of your home.

If your gutter drains are not working correctly, you will likely be able to tell by the amount of water that pools around the foundation of your home after rain falls or as snow begins to melt and drain from your gutters, through the downspout, and into your gutter drains. Pools of water near your home could indicate that your gutter drains are not properly diverting water away from your home. Your home’s gutter system should include some kind of gutter drain at the bottom of your downspout to ensure that water is not just dumped from your downspout right next to your home, but rather, that the water is diverted away from your home with either a splash block or a downspout extension.

#2. There is water or water stains in your basement.

If there is water in your basement, you should definitely check your gutter drains first to ensure that the water is not getting into your basement from water that is pooling near your foundation. If you notice water lines or stains on the wall of your basement, it could be due to a prior flood or damage due to gutter drainage problems. If you’re a new homeowner and you don’t have any information on what the water stains in your basement are the result of, check your gutter drains to ensure that they aren’t the cause of water getting into your basement.

#3. There are cracks in your home’s foundation.

A home will naturally have a few cracks in its foundation over time due to the way homes settle. However, foundational cracks can also be due to water damage, which could be caused by the water from your gutters not draining properly. You generally don’t have to worry about cracks in your foundation unless they are bigger than 1/8 inch. If the cracks in your foundation widen, it could be due to water damage near the foundation of your home, which is likely due to inadequate gutter drains. Be sure to check your gutter drains if you have issues with cracks in your foundation.

If you’re not sure if your gutter drains are properly diverting water away from your home, call the professionals at Iron Horse GutterWorks. We can help you with your gutter drains in Syracuse and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your appointment!