Your roof collects a vast amount of rainwater every time it rains. The rain flows to the gutters and moves from there to the downspouts. But what happens from there? If your downspouts simply allow all that water to exit immediately on the ground at the base of your home, you could be doing yourself, and your home’s foundation, a serious disfavor. You might want to consider implementing gutter drains instead. Here are some pointers from our gutter drain company in Syracuse on how gutter drains help and protect your home.

What are gutter drains?

Gutter drains are not downspouts. Gutter drains are features installed in the ground to divert water away from your home’s foundation after it comes out of your downspout. This is better than just having a short pipe that extends away from your house, or even having a long downspout extension.

The gutter drain service here at Iron Horse GutterWorks works like this:

  1. We connect the gutter downspout to a flexible tube.
  2. We extend the tube underground and connect it to a 10-foot long buried pipe.
  3. Water exits the pipe at least 10 feet away from your foundation, helping to protect your home from excessive moisture, leaks, cracks, and mold.

How Do Gutter Drains Help Your Home?

Don’t assume that rainwater is innocent. The same thing that the farmers desperately need is death to the foundation of your home. You can’t stop it from raining, but you can be proactive about how well your home is able to resist damage when it rains.

1. Gutter drains help your home by moving water further from your foundation.

Roofs capture an incredible amount of water, and if all that runoff falls to the ground at the very base of your home, it will most likely seep into the ground right there. Is that a big deal? What if the rain does just that? Yes, it’s a big deal, and it can be very costly to address. Here are some of the problems that can happen when too much roof runoff affects your foundation:

  • Water can leak into your basement.
  • You can start to have mold problems in your basement.
  • Cracks can appear in your foundation.
  • Floors in your house can sink, becoming uneven or sloping.
  • Cracks can appear in the interior or exterior walls of the main floors of your house, due to the foundation settling unexpectedly.
  • Walls in your home can experience rotation or bowing.

2. Gutter drains help make your home more beautiful.

Let’s face it: Normal gutter downspouts extensions are typically an eyesore. Plus, they get in your way every time you want to mow, especially if they’re long enough to make a reasonable difference. However, if your gutter drains go right into the ground, it causes them to be almost invisible, or at least unnoticeable. No longer will you have to make tough decisions about how to arrange landscaping around your downspout extension—you’ll be able to create a beautiful, continuous path of landscaping or grass over that area.

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