The type of gutters you choose to install for your home is extremely important, and the reality is most homeowners don’t spend enough time researching the best gutter system that will effectively protect their homes.

SnapLock is a brand of gutter drains that has many benefits, and it is a gutter system that we recommend to many homeowners in the area because they have the ability to seal out water damage, can save homeowners money, are resistant to sagging and provide proper ventilation. In fact, they are the country’s #1 gutter system, and in today’s blog post, we’ll go over three frequently asked questions we get about these types of gutter drains.

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FAQ: Installing SnapLock Gutter Drains in Syracuse

Below, we’ve listed three frequently asked questions we regularly receive about SnapLock gutters.

Q — Why should I choose to install SnapLock gutters for my home over traditional gutter systems?

A — SnapLock gutters have many superior benefits to conventional gutters systems. For one, there are no holes in the gutter, which ultimately creaters a water-tight seal. These gutters also have the ability to move more freely, which is extremely important when affixing a type of metal to a set structure. SnapLock gutters also allow for proper ventilation, which eliminates any condensation build-up — keeping your fascia dry.

Q — Just how strong are SnapLock gutters?
A — Simply put, they’re strong. For example, SnapLock’s 5” gutters can hold about 5.2 lbs of water per foot, and the brand’s 6” gutters can hold about 7.6 lbs of water per running foot. These are significantly higher weight limits than a traditional gutter system.

For your reference: One gallon of water weighs about 8.3 lbs.

Q — Can I install SnapLock gutters by myself?
A — No. Only authorized dealers and professionals are qualified to install SnapLock gutter drains. Luckily, our crew at Iron Horse GutterWorks has the necessary credentials to install SnapLock for your home.

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